Chosen of Kore (Chosen of Zarqon #1)

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Chosen of Kore (Chosen of Zarqon #1)

Katje van Loon
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Can Yarrow refuse a goddess's call?

From country's second-best princess to its best warrior, Yarrow's worked hard to build a life she can be proud of. Lousy bellica's pay, the camaraderie of her fellow soldiers, and all the wenching and drinking she can stand -- why would she want any of that to change?

Yet other forces have their own ideas of how the world should look. The goddesses of light and dark have chosen their champions, and Zardria, next in line to the throne and Yarrow's twin sister, has already accepted the job willingly.

Things will change whether she wants them to or not. Yarrow must heed the call of the goddess of light, or those changes won't just mean an end to her life.

They'll mean the loss of her soul.

Chosen of Kore is epic pagan fantasy in a world run by queens and goddesses, dealing with the age old question: can the power of love defeat the love of power?

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Katje van Loon
Pagan fantasy
Chosen of Zarqon, #1
The Pack Press
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