Stranger Skies (The Borderlands Saga #1)

Katje van Loon
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Divinity. Mortality. War.

Silva, Queen of Wolves, Lady of the True Woods, seeks her only friend Etan, who, along with other deities of the Council of Divinity, has gone missing for reasons unknown. Her search traps her on a world where the wolves have lost faith in her; she falls from grace, becoming a mortal woman whose remaining powers could brand her a witch.

Hot on the scent, Silva refuses to give up her hunt, even as mortal life threatens to tear her apart and the smoke of war hangs heavy on the horizon. Should she try to regain her godhood and save her faithless followers? Or should she resign herself to mortality, and find what brief happiness human love can give?

Through the chaos of political upheaval and the turmoil in her own heart, Silva can’t escape a persistent feeling: her fall was not an accident.

Stranger Skies is the first book in The Borderlands Saga, a science-fiction-fantasy series that spans the universe and messes with the idea of linear time. If you enjoy portal fantasy, queer romance, and wolf-witch heroines, then you'll love Katje van Loon's story of gods gone mortal on alien worlds.

Enter the Borderlands and discover the secrets of the wolf goddess....

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  • Details

  • Pages (in paperback)
  • Author
    Katje van Loon
  • Genre
    Portal fantasy
  • Series
    The Borderlands Saga, Book 1
  • Publisher
    The Pack Press
  • You get
    3 DRM-free ebook files: ePub, Mobi (Kindle), and PDF
  • Details
  • Pages (in paperback)300
  • AuthorKatje van Loon
  • GenrePortal fantasy
  • SeriesThe Borderlands Saga, Book 1
  • PublisherThe Pack Press
  • You get3 DRM-free ebook files: ePub, Mobi (Kindle), and PDF
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Stranger Skies (The Borderlands Saga #1)

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